Military Chow Hall – Roy’s Steak Recipe

110219-A-5634G-006: A fire blazes Nov. 4, 2010 on Multi-National Base Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan. The fire consumed six Afghan National Army tents and was stopped by the Tarin Kowt Fire Department just short of consuming a seventh tent filled with mortars and other explosives. The TKFD fought the fire for over an hour with U.S. Army firefighting forces. The U.S. firefighters from TKFD had only been in Afghanistan two weeks when the raging fire broke out. (Courtesy Photo)

Summary: Some of us have had the fortune to eat at a military chow hall.  We bring you the secret for their BBQ success.

Picking the meat:  Any cut of meat will work, but you must pick the cheapest product possible.  Never pay more than 25 cents a pound.

Seasoning: None.

Preparation:  In the spirit of Roy’s Chow Hall, boil your steak in water for approximately 40 minutes.  Put in the freezer for two weeks.


Grill Day:

Step 1: Take the steak out of the freezer

Step 2: If time is available, thaw it.  If not, proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Grill your steak until you’ve achieved the grill marks.

TBoneSteak3[1]Note: Results may vary and photo does not represent end product.


Step 4: Serve to your guests.



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