Dr. Octopus MEME – #SteaksOnTheGrill


Dr. Octopus MEME – #SteaksOnTheGrill

Dr. Octopus is an engineering employee or manager who when pressured for an answer or responsibility for a task.  The aggressiver, who threatens this beast, is someone who asks a question that could force the octopus to agree to an ETA, agree with the action item, or promise a deliverable or artifact.  Big words? Those familiar to professional engineer meetings completely understand this beast.

“Mr. BlahBlah, when can we have that draft for peer review?”  This very question forces the octopus to squirt, squirt, and squirt a defense.  “Uhmm..we need to continue…..working this task and ensure that you’re given a deliverable that’s work reading.  The iron is still hot” (or insert some stupid analogy that doesn’t excuse this person).

Once spotted, this slippery octopus will run to the corner and never take responsibility.  Ways to make this type of person accountable is to schedule an end date via the calendar.  You invite their superiors or higher ups that would force them to deliver.  Another method is to invite a higher up to suggest a deadline.  If there is no negative consequence, the Octopus will squirt all day, charging $75/hour until your budget is drained and no real quality work is delivered.

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