Management Compliance Carrot


Good managers know how to keep their employees in check.  The engineering world has its drama and share of bad employees.  It also has talented managers who know how to whisper sweet buzz-phrases and if you’re complaint, a compliance carrot.  These carrots could be anything. A promotion? A bonus? Job stability?

At the end of the day, you must watch out for yourself.  It is tradition that you must give your company two weeks notice.  However, the company has no obligation to give you two weeks notice.  You could receive a pink slip on Friday, 24th December, and there’s not a damn thing you could do about it.

When an employee eyeballs the door and wants to leave, management could lead them on with carrots.  These are promises, but not contractual, that could reward you for completing a project, task, or staying quiet.  A compliance carrot is a phrase or promise that is told to you and its expectation is to keep you quiet.  STFU and color.  You’re out of line!  Management knows what’s best for you, even though they cannot get the job done without your actual action on a task or subject.  Truly, if you have nothing holding you back, can you easily spot these carrots as bullshit.  “We’re grooming you for management”.  STFU.  You’re not grooming shit unless I’m being sent to a PMP class or MBA study course.  This is an example of a carrot that truly has no obligation to deliver.  Management positions are opened, interviewed, and decided subjectively.  It’s a good o’l boy club.  Managers want other managers who can deliver on a task on schedule.

Other carrots may be the promise for promotion.  I was once promised a promotion and the manager didn’t deliver.  What’s the negative consequence? The only authority that you have as an employee is to leave.  I hope you niche so it hurts on the way out.

Watch out for carrots…

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