The Junker – Employee who does not clean up and leaves stuff everywhere

I have OCD.  I cannot allow my desk, car, or home become clutter without a panic attack.  In a government office, a clean desk is considered an employee who has too much free time on their hands, therefore, needs more tasks.  When I had my short-time, working for the Air National Guard, I found that a messy desk gave the impression that I was gainfully employed and that I was taking on more tasks.  This made my boss happy.  In the engineering world, senior engineers with a messy desk, plays the same role.

However, us regular engineers (be that ME, EE, SE, TE, or NW) should not have a messy desk.  When a lab space is cleared, a junker will move in and pollute.  They will drop trash on the desk, unwrapped cables, or even a whole box of junk.  They expect you to clean up after them.

Junkers are hard to motivate and there is no negative consequence to junkers.  You can put the junk on their desk and it holds no embarrassment.  You could send an email and CC their management, no one cares.  There is no corporate policy that says you’ll be fired for a messy desk.  However, there are ants.  Junkers don’t recognize that their mess, invites office ninjas to plant rotting food.  Nothing is unsatisfactory than a hungry-man meal that’s eaten and rotting in their desk.  Because their desk is always messy, it’s assumed that the junker will own any mess.  This is where corporate policy does enforce a clean desk and puts that person on profile.  Who is your junker?


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