Hostile Work Environment – Get the Popcorn


A hostile work environment is a pressure cooker.  You put in the dry, unpopped corn and put the lid on.  After awhile, drama pressure builds and the contents get hotter.  Add some more drama pressure and pop! fuckers’ heads pop.  I love it.  I get a bucket of popcorn every time I see management or undesired co-workers lose their cool.  For some odd reason, it’s satisfying.

In a normal work environment, you’re usually too busy or care about the people you work with.  You don’t want to see trouble or drama.  However, when you work with a bunch of fucktard, asshole, mother fuckers, you crave stress.

The best type of drama is email drama.  You can slowly watch the email threads as these fuckers calculate their next message or wording.  Today, I grabbed the popcorn as I watched management decide to handle a very stressful situation.  You can read their text and imagine the frustration on their face. Even the lack of text, makes you giggle.  You know damn well what the proper response should be and when they fail to response with a certain number of words, you can see their frustration.  I almost want to get a bottle and take a shot for every missed sentence.  It’s a celebration that the fucktards in management must handle a difficult situation.   Get the popcorn out and watch them lose their fucking minds.

When you share the celebration with your allied co-workers, it almost turns into a sports event.  It’s almost like we fire up the BBQ to celebrate July 4th.  Every time a manager’s head pops, it’s like a firework going off.  “Oooooooo…..ahhh…” Work life couldn’t get better.  Every time upper management bends over and takes a shit on your middle management, we giggle like school girls.  “Muahahhahahhahahhhahahhahahhahahah” How does it feel to eat it? Get a dose of what they give us.

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