Hostile Work Environment – Halloween Costume Fuck Face

pokemon-costume-metapod[1]You know we love and hate Halloween.  What sucks is when people take this shit too far at work.  You know exactly what I’m talking about.  The fucker who puts on a custome and cannot do their job.  It’s usually the clown who does no work in the office.  Yes, the fuck face who craves attention and the more exotic and unbearable the costume, the more attention they get.  If only, we could set them on fire.

Some fuckers like to decorate their cube or office with cute Halloween shit.  Good for you.  If it were a hot girl wearing some skanky costume, thank you for creating hostile work environment and my inability to concentrate while we stare at you.  The other month, I walked into the lab and a girl was bending over with a tight dress.  Do that again with a hot Halloween outfit and we’re calling HR on me. LOL.

I hate the fuckers who wear the obscenely huge costume and cannot type on their keyboards.  Look fuck face, you chose this shit.  It’s not my fault that you cannot deliver.  How about this, dress up like a performer and actually perform.  I want the slide deck done before it’s due.  Fuck you.

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